the casual vacancy

Thesis (M.A.) from the year 2011 in the subject Computer Science - Applied, grade: Very Good, Addis Ababa University, course: NAtural Language processing, language: English, comment: This paper is a very good view in Natural Language Processing specifically Information Extraction for local language of Ethiopia. The author is the pioneer on this topic in our school and spawns remarkable results from his study, I believe that this study is a milestone for the integration of local language in to computerize world., abstract: The number of Amharic documents on the Web is increasing as many newspaper publishers started providing their services electronically. The unavailability of tools for extracting and exploiting the valuable information from Amharic text, which is effective enough to satisfy the users has been a major problem and manually extracting information from a large amount of unstructured text is a very tiresome and time consuming job, this was the main reason which motivate the researcher to engage in this research work. The overall objective of the research was to develop information extraction system for the Amharic vacancy announcement text. 116 Amharic vacancy announcement texts which contain 10,766 words were collected from the ―Ethiopian reporter‖ newspaper published in Amharic twice in week. For this study, nine candidate texts are selected from Amharic vacancy announcement text, these are organization, position, qualification, experience, salary, number of peo...

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