my eco 5 years of life крафт обложка

My story begins in 1971 when alcohol was first introduced to me at 5 years of age and quickly progresses to the 1990’s when drugs became a predominate force in my life. With the combination of alcohol, drugs and untreated depression in control, the thought of Suicide stood on the other side of the revolving door and at the forefront of my life on a day to day basis. Though suicidal ideations were a constant during my earlier years, it wasn’t until my later years that the ideations became reality with multiple attempts to sit at my Lord’s table and experience the ultimate Paradise.My story consists of a vast array of experiences primarily in the Florida Keys. A life of Hedonism led to multiple suicide attempts, several of which my survival can only be attributed to 100% Divine Intervention. It wasn’t until my final attempt failed that I truly found God and began my walk with Him down the narrow road to salvation. My destiny, that my Lord and Savior designed for my life before I was ever conceived has begun to unfold. I believe, as a direct result of my vast past experiences with constant trials, temptations, tribulations and the wisdom gained thereof my Lord is finally able to utilize me to help change the lives of many people and society at large.

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