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This book begins with a vision of a heavenly proposal. In the vision, Jesus was standing before the ones he had come to save. His nail-scarred hands were spread open wide in invitation, and he asked, “Will you be mine? Will you let me into your heart to love and provide for you? Will you surrender to me and be my bride?” I saw his beloved kneeling at his feet in complete surrender and asking him to be their king; and he said to them, “I must go away to make a place for you in my mansion, but I will return for my bride soon. I am not leaving you alone, but I give to you the Holy Spirit as a wedding planner to prepare my bride. He will wash you pure with my word, clothe you in robes of righteousness, and teach you the ways of my kingdom so you can come boldly before my throne on our wedding day.” Jesus’s proposal was awesome! He paid the full price for his bride with his own life!As I compare this beautiful vision to what I see in the world today, my heart is gripped with an urgency to inspire people to get ready because we don’t know the hour of his return. Through his Word, we know the day is well advanced and that the hour certainly draws nearer! As King Solomon prayed for wisdom and asked God to teach him how to come in and go out, we must have the same prayer. Learning to come into God’s presence as we learn from him and as we build our relationship and receive boldness to go out into the harvest, fully representing Jesus as ambassadors to share testimony of him!

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