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50 Days of Love:Compelling Devotional Teachings by David W. Palmer; Unlocking God's love for you, in you, and through you. Do you realize that he has made his love available to us?Did you know that we can walk in his kind of love today?In "50 Days of Love", David W. Palmer breaks open God's word in a way that discloses God's heart, and reveals his plan for a kingdom of love. You will be inspired, instructed, and satiated as you devour these daily revelations. Each one looks at scriptural aspects of love from different angles; each one will challenge you with thought-provoking truths that reach the heart; and each one will stir you to action through real life application. "50 Days of Love" will help you draw closer to God, empower you to fulfil his commandments to love him and others, and help you discover deep contentment in God's love for you.

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