life is a jukebox real stories of triumphs and tragedies

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This adult, non-fiction book is based on mental health and illness. It is well thought out, wonderfully presented, simple and yet informative, a reference for everyone, without the stuffy terminology, which the author has been able to 'define and describe', deceivingly effortlessly. It also includes real stories by real people, including one from the author, who on a daily basis are challenged by mental health issues, whether directly or indirectly, to seek an avenue that can lead to a happy and fulfilling life. Essentially there are two parts, the daily, real life struggle and the 'define and describe' reference.This little pocket sized book is designed to help the reader understand the basic differences between the more common mental health problems, which in turn should provide the much needed information to create accurate community awareness. The real stories will in turn, give a real insight into how life can be for so many people.The biggest challenge faced by people who survive or suffer from mental illness is the ignorance of the community and even those in their immediate environment, making his or her work life, social life, school life and/or home life quite unbearable and suffocating.The content will keep the reader thinking and reflecting for years, bringing about the motivation to share his or her thoughts with others.

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