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Young Children and the Arts: Nurturing Imagination and Creativity examines theplace of the arts in the experiences of young and very young children at homeand in out-of-home settings at school and in the community. There is great needfor development of resources in the arts specifically designed to introduce babiesand toddlers to participatory experiences in the visual arts, dance, music, andstorytelling/theater. This book presents valuable guidelines for early childhoodteachers, families, caregivers and community organizations.Young Children and the Arts presents a comprehensive approach to the arts thatis aligned with early childhood developmentally appropriate practice and thatcombines an exploratory, materials-based approach with an aesthetic-educationapproach for children from birth to eight years of age. It addresses both how the arts are foundational tolearning, and how teachers and parents can nurture young children's developing imagination and creativity. Themodels presented emphasize a participatory approach, introducing young children to the arts through activitiesthat call for engagement, initiative and creative activity.Additionally, Young Children and the Arts addresses the intersection of early childhood education and thearts-at points of convergence, and at moments of tension. The role of families and communities in developingand promoting arts suffused experiences for and with young children are addressed. Young Children and theArts examines the role of i...

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