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If you had told me before then that I would one day work from the comfort of my own home, that I would learn to make money online, speak before crowds, or write a book, I would have said you were crazy! My life was going as planned. First a career as a Navy Cryptologist and Russian linguist. Then raising my family in my husband's hometown of Springdale, Arkansas. We owned a nice home. My daughters were active in school and we were active in church. I devoted my time to working for the local Girl Scout Council, an organization I fully support. My husband was an electronics technician for a large company. Life was good.But then the unthinkable happened. We had just moved from Springdale to a larger home in a more rural area of Rogers, AR. My mom and dad were getting older and the plan was to move them into the house in Springdale so they would be closer to us. But just as everything seemed to be going according to plan, I received the phone call no daughter wants to get. My mother had suddenly passed away and I was left to care for my father.My father suffered from Alzheimer's disease. I had long ago promised that I would never place him in a home as long as I was able to care for him. I have nothing against nursing homes. But in our culture, aging parents are cared for at home as long as possible. And so we put the house in Springdale up for rent and prepared to welcome my father into our home.It soon became clear that I was not going to be able to continue working out...

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